Envisioning History is a 501.c.3 non-profit corporation dedicated to improving the use of advanced technologies for historical education and scholarship. It is an open collaboration of institutions that contribute documents and media to a “curated” digital library and archive. Once selected, validated and published, the material is available for everyone to see and download. Even after publication, the material continues to be improved by those working in the data structure – with every “improvement” minutely tracked with a comprehensive audit trail, which in turn becomes part of the material visible to users.

Envisioning History’s initial project is to develop a media-based classroom resource on the history of World War II for the university undergraduate level.

Through our Partner the software developer Palantir, Envisioning History has access to a powerful “Big Data” analysis tool with a geo-temporal interface that is ideal for studying and analyzing history on a global scale.  Our initial focus is to develop methods and techniques for using technology to maximize “storytelling density”.  Our eventual goal is to make this platform available to educators and students as an interactive, multimedia, on-line resource.  Our efforts are not limited to using the Palantir platform, and we invite potential collaborators to recommend additional tools and techniques to enhance education and scholarship.