Founded in October 2012,Envisioning History is a Membership-based non-profit corporation headquartered in Annapolis, Maryland.  

  • Envisioning History is an open collaboration. 

  • Members and Associate Members may be individuals or organizations with digital historical material on World War II to contribute.  There is no cost associated with membership.  Members of both classes may be universities, government agencies, museums, foundations, etc.  Full Members will be larger institutions with substantial content to contribute.  Full Members will have an ex officio seat on the governing Board of Directors.  Associate Members will typically be from smaller institutions; Associate Members will be sought for membership in ad hoc Committees and Subcommittees but will not necessarily have voting positions on the Board.

  • Digital material must receive scholarly validation before it can be “published” into the user-accessible database.

  • Digital material contributed must be related to the origins, the events and the aftermath of World War II (circa 1918-1949).  This includes not only military history, but political, social, economic and technological history that has a bearing on the War.

  • Any material contributed is exclusively owned by the contributing Member.  Envisioning History provides the technology platforms, the structural framework and the processes for publication, as well as sets the standards and conventions for displaying the material.  Intellectual Property (IP) or excerpts from contributed IP will be tightly controlled and IP contributors will be provided avenues for sale of their IP to users/viewers.

Envisioning History’s first task is developing rules, criteria, standards, and conventions for the project.  We will poll a wide spectrum of scholars, historians, geographers and technology specialists to develop these protocols; we also have a limited number of active accounts we can make available to scholars and educators who wish to participate in the development.  Follow the link to our Governance page to see the committees and Subcommittees which are open for participation and send us an e-mail to volunteer.