Video Demonstration - Kamikaze Analysis

This video is a demonstration of one of the building blocks of our educational platform showing a few of the data analysis capabilities. We use the Palantir platform’s analysis capabilities to look at a number of aspects of Japan’s “Special Attack”, or Kamikaze campaign in the last months of the War.  This presentation is not a scholarly analysis, but rather a demonstration of tools available to students and scholars for performing their own case study analysis.

The genesis of this analysis was a visit to Palantir’s Palo Alto headquarters by former Secretary of Defense William Perry of the Hoover Institute at Stanford University.  Secretary Perry served in the U.S. Army in Japan shortly after World War II and was personally knowledgeable of many of details; his curiosity led to this demonstration.

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Video Demonstration - Battle of the Atlantic

This video looks at two transition periods in the Battle of the Atlantic, compares several convoy battles and looks at the details of all U-Boats sunk during the War.

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Video Demonstration - Battle of Midway Analysis

See the story of the Battle of Midway in the software used to track down Osama bin Laden using Naval History and Heritage Command data

Video Demonstration - Global Tour of June 1944

This video looks at a critical month in the history of the Second World War and gives it a global perspective. See: