World War II Digital Humanities Project

Envisioning History aims to develop a scholarship-grade, interactive resource on the history of World War II. 

A principle product of the Project is a university-level teaching tool with two main objectives:

  • Teach the history of WWII: its causes, events, impacts and consequences on the world today, its enormity, the sacrifices, disruptions and societal shifts it caused and the responsibilities it imposes
  • Inspire students to some form of national service

 Additional Project objectives are to:

  • Create a 4-dimensional visual framework for history with links to all relevant media
  • Provide for peer review postings of scholarly work with embedded technology
  • Enable advanced research and analysis
  • Encourage organizations to digitize and make their holdings available via the database.


  • Create a new standard for using technology in teaching scholarship and history
  • Provide new tools for historical education and scholarship
  • Give students an in depth understanding of how today’s world is shaped by World War II